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Sight Master is the originator and patent holder of the 'One Touch One Sight' Bow Sight design that has made Bob Closson's Sight Master a household name in archery. While it has been copied by many, one thing still remains a constant; no other sighting system made today has the features nor the quality workmanship of the Sight Master. This design eliminates the confusion and off yardage problems of shooting locked down, multiple pins. With Sight Master's patented design all you do is estimate the yardage to the target, move the sight bar to the exact yardage and shoot.
Sightmaster introduces the new Elite 5000. The new range scale light allows for accurate yardage adjustment in low light conditions.
  • Has all features of Elite 2000
  • Light Shield
  • Includes Red Fiber Optic


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The Sight Master Bowsight remains to be the finest, most advanced sighting system the archery world has ever witnessed. For hunting or target shooting, if you shoot Sight Master you can be assured of the highest performance, accuracy and reliability. You will shoot your best with Sight Master.

But this isn't all Sight Master offers. Your accuracy depends on uncompromising tolerances between moving parts. At Sight Master we hold these precision tolerances and our quality of machining to the highest standards. Not only are our design techniques superior but the fit and finish of every product is without peer.